I started small, and grew through hard work,
hard knocks, and purpose.


I enjoy helping people turn aspiration into action.  I do this through partnership, innovation, leadership, and enthusiasm for shared success.  

As a small-town Florida boy, I was raised to value hard work, experience, and integrity.  As a student and young graduate, I started and grew multiple companies to successful exits.  As a global professional, I learned to be a good partner, when to pivot or persevere, and how to lead.  And now as a community leader and mentor, I share my skills to help others pursue their purpose.


Now I have big goals and a few good stories.
I’d love to hear yours. Feel free to explore mine here.


1987 - Florida Institute of Technology

1987 - Florida Institute of Technology

2017 - Teacher of the Year Awards (photo by Craig Bailey / Florida Today)

2017 - Teacher of the Year Awards (photo by Craig Bailey / Florida Today)

I turn grit into pearls.


Working with customers and executive leadership
to turn difficult relationships into trust and traction

Earned customer loyalty and transformed relationships


I seek out new ideas with lasting impact.


Starting a new venture with a successful exit and lifesaving innovations


Learned life lessons to bring to new ventures
and new entrepreneurs


I collaborate to build solutions and growth.


Partnering for 32% average annual growth over twelve years,
to create a $15MM business at healthy margins

Awarded Vertical Market Partner of the Year (Legato)
and OEM Partner of the Year (EMC)


I target opportunities for strategic, rapid growth.


Doubling down at the right place and time


Launched new service from start-up to over $10MM in a single year


I serve my community.


Helping people help others, and building
a great place to live on Florida's Space Coast


Recognized by FLORIDA TODAY as a Leader to Watch