Director of Product Management for Partnerships, ADP

I managed Mike at Ultimate Software, where he managed our Global HR, Talent, and Learning solutions. Mike is a servant leader who actively sought responsibility and impact. He rapidly learned new domains, and built relationships and trust inside and outside the organization. His breadth of experience was helpful in communicating strategically at C-level and tactically with engineers and operations. He's not afraid of making the hard decisions, and asking the hard questions which resulted in sound business decisions based on ARR, ROI, and value to the customers.


Casandra Brice
Senior director for Select services, Ultimate software

When I joined Ultimate Software, Mike and I dove into helping our customers with ACA compliance, creating a new solution connecting our services and product divisions.  Mike was a great partner for my team at the time and afterwards, always thinking of the customer journey and fully committed to shared success for our customers and teams.


jeff glenn
strategic account executive, pivotal

Mike is an ideal business partner. Together we developed and nurtured a successful partnership, generating end-customer success and on-target revenues for both our companies for years. He understands the customer and the business opportunity, how technology can help, and is ready to work hard for shared success. And above all is a pleasure to work with in any situation.  



I worked with Mike on an innovative project using predictive analytics in HR. I was the designer responsible for creating the story so we could get buy-in from higher management. Mike used his amazing storytelling and writing super powers and helped me polish the story so we could bring the vision together for this product. One week later the initiative was approved and a team was formed to work on the project and turn it into reality.


Kevin Vaughn
Director of Information and Database Services
Texas Tech University System

Mike excels at forging genuine relationships and cultivating inspired communities. Mike worked in this capacity to engage Texas Tech, as he highlighted the need for new channels of customer feedback and supported the collaborative formation of a new customer advisory board. Mike's fostering of peer-led initiatives led to a strong code sharing program that solved unique issues, reduced customer learning curve, and improved overall product accessibility. I have personally sought to emulate Mike's model of community engagement ever since!


David Elliott
Graduate Student, FIT

Mike has been a great help and mentor for me as I think about what challenges I want to pursue. His questions and feedback have helped me think about business options with a new social technology I helped create. And his introductions into the local tech leadership community have been helpful for my own leadership development.


Senior UX DesigneR

I had the privilege to work with Mike at Ultimate Software on a mobile web project that increased customer satisfaction, fulfilled expectations, and ultimately saved our customers money. He brought a wealth of experience and expertise when he joined Ultimate as a Product Manager. And what was more special is that he brought experience working with User Experience and Development teams, which enabled him to hit the ground running on our fast-moving project.


Mike Humphreys
National Sales Manager, Accessible Solutions

Mike is the consummate professional with diverse skills guided by his managerial acumen and expertise. At Ellucian, much of the revenue that was driven through my group was guided by Mike’s interaction with us over nearly ten years.


Holly Slocum
Director, Process Evaluation and Improvement, Kent State

From a thousand miles away, Mike and I were able to work jointly in soliciting, reviewing, and coordinating dozens of sessions at the world’s largest Higher Education technology conference.  It was a true collaboration which resulted in not only successful sessions, but more importantly in building an active peer community that spanned the globe.


Lefteris Ntouanoglou
CEO & Co-Founder, SCHOOX

Mike was a great collaborator for aligning our product visions. His experience and ability to navigate through large organizations to get things done was incredibly valuable.


Janice Kershaw
President and CEO, Brevard Schools Foundation

Mike has been a great partner for Brevard schools and chair for our foundation, building engagement with our community partners, helping advance program sustainability and new funding models, leading our board of directors, and advocating personally with legislators on behalf of our 73,000 learners.